Arrival (Maddy Young Saga Book 1)

Maddy Young is dead. Or at least that’s what they tell him. Imagine that when you die, you have a 1 in 3 chance of having another life; same body, same age, same place as when you died. But for Maddy, everything is not making sense. He was just a week away from his Bar exam and starting his life as a Public Defender, when he made a grand entrance into this second life of his—a place they call Two. Before long Maddy thinks he is adjusting fine to Goggle instead of Google and Deadbook instead of Facebook. But Maddy soon finds out that as much as things can be different in Two, some things, like murder—never change. It’s Maddy’s job to find out just what this place really is and what this second life is all about…

“How did you die?”

I turned my head. The girl couldn’t have been more than seven. She had light brown hair held back in a ponytail. Her nose was dusted with light freckles, her cheeks as well, only not as densely as the freckles on her nose. She waited a second for my response, then said, “I went into diabetic shock.”

I nodded, like this wasn’t the craziest thing I’d ever heard.

She continued, “I have an uncle here. Uncle Trent. He died in a car crash when I was five. I’m supposed to go live with him I guess.”

She wrinkled her nose. I had a feeling she didn’t like Uncle Trent. Maybe Uncle Trent was like my Uncle Bill. Maybe Uncle Trent liked to make up stories after ten cans of Miller High Life, then get pissed off when you told him he was full of shit.

“So how did you die?” She came again.

This was the hundredth time I’d been posed that question in three days. How did you die? It was yet to lose its level of absurdity. In three days, there hadn’t been many answers, only promises that in time everything would make sense. The only answer, the only definitive that anyone would share, the only time anyone would look you directly in the eye was when you asked them if you died.

They wouldn’t waver, they wouldn’t blink, they would only nod their head and say, “Yes.”

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